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West Coast Chess honored women during women’s month

The West Coast Chess Union honored women’ during the month of August with a number of activities that took place from 6 till 8 August 2019.

The activities were done in partnership with Club Mykonos. The first activity was a motivational session done by the South African Women’s Chess Champion,
Women’s International Master Jesse February. During her, Jesse shared her personal experiences of being a woman in sports and how her life journey developed as a player. Her focus was on how to deal with setbacks as a player as well as the importance of self-image and self-confidence as a player. Jesse also held a coaching session as part of her commitment to develop players in rural areas. She is also currently working on a project whereby she will be launching her own chess academy in Port Elizabeth. As part of her commitment to promoting chess as a sport of choice she also had an exhibition match whereby she played against 34 chess players simultaneously at Curro Langebaan. The match lasted 4 hours and 30 minutes.  She won a total number of 28 players and drew against 1 player.

The players that won their matches against her is Legene Maletta from Lutzville, Chadley Klaaste, Shaundré Lewaks from Vredenburg , Keano Ocks from Saldanha bay. Anne-Belle Ellman also drew her game against Jesse.

Players that participated in the coaching session with SA Women’s Champion Jesse February

Photo: Motivational session by Jesse February ( SA Women’s Chess Champion)

Photo Jesse February exhibition match against 34 players

Players that won their matches against SA Women’s Champion, Jesse February during the 4 and a half hour exhibition match. Front from left to right: Keano Ocks, Shaundré Lewaks

Back from left to right: Legen Malletta, Jesse February ( SA Women’s Chess Champ), Chadley Klaaste, Anne-Belle Ellman