Wifi connection failed….Chess continues. “Arrghh, I want to play Chess”!!😭😭😭

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Wifi connection failed…. This is a message you do not wish to see if you have become one with the keyboard and computer screen as I have over the past few months.

Nevertheless I am back, and hammering away at the keyboard, better connected I hope and will keep this blog alive despite servers provider hiccups. Well chess around the world is not standing still. If you visit the chess.com site you will find the calendar for the next few months of tournaments happening in and around the world. In South Africa and in particular the Western Cape of which my region the West Coast is a member their is also a lot of chess activity with the Maties Chess League taking place in September and October 2020. Numerous players from the West Coast has been doing particularly well and I think it is worth mentioning their names…of course not exposing them on the world wide web by giving their chess handles. Congratulation to Caden who has slowly but surely cemented himself as a force to be reckoned with. Shaundre, Lyndon and Andre who are climbing to the top at “bullet” speed the Wset Coast salute all of you for flying our flag with pride.

As I said in todays heading, even if the Wifi fails, chess still continues. A few other regular players in the West Coast is Xavier, Solie, Shakier, Anne Belle, Elle Marie, Gracia, Daniel, Legene, Jarod, Mea, Jordan, Andrea, Matthew, Basil, Nathan and the list continues with some players coming in and out, never failing to surprise.

This will be a year to be remembered, not only for the ills and trials and tribulation caused by the Corona virus Covid19, but also the indomitable fighting spirit of Nations and individuals coming together by social isolating and putting this virus in Check Mate! In the next blog we will continue with our world champs

Till next time, burn the chess candle on both ends.

Basil Ellman

Basil is an active chess coach for more than 30 years... He is also a qualified trainer of coaches and a qualified chess arbiter. Basil has a passion for chess and has established various chess clubs in schools and communities in the Western Cape - South Africa which are still in existence and growing strong. He has served on various bodies promoting chess not only as a sport but also as a tool to excel academically. He has a Masters degree in Specialised education and is also an advocate for players with special needs.


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