West Coast Chess Institute, Welcome 2021 to all.

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Greetings to all my fellow bloggers and readers. I had to take a break as family time is vital and rest from online platforms to ensure one comes back rejuvenated and inspired is essential. Even though I took a break I still played the occasional online chess game…lol, just could not totally break away. I did not complete what I set out to do last year and will conclude with the remaining World champs in due course. Phew, I am so excited!!

Nevertheless I would like to wish everyone a Blessed 2021, I hope that our journey will be even more interesting and exciting this year. I already kicked off the year with an article I wrote for our local newspaper, more about that later.

Till next time, burn the chess candle on both ends.

Basil Ellman

Basil is an active chess coach for more than 30 years... He is also a qualified trainer of coaches and a qualified chess arbiter. Basil has a passion for chess and has established various chess clubs in schools and communities in the Western Cape - South Africa which are still in existence and growing strong. He has served on various bodies promoting chess not only as a sport but also as a tool to excel academically. He has a Masters degree in Specialised education and is also an advocate for players with special needs.


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