Who was the greatest chess player ever?


Nowadays, we are coaching online only. An approach brought about by Covid 19. A blessing or a curse? You decide….If you can manage a platform and utilise it to the advantage of your players, you need to be applauded. If you are struggling and or do not understand or know how to use the platforms, I will post some information in this regard, soon. Back to our topic. One of the West Coast players once asked me who was and or is the greatest chess player ever. Of course I could not give a clear answer as the response to this question always leads to subjective and personal preference of world class players. The result was I started a series of lessons on the world champs up to the current world champ. Of course not neglecting the challengers who were equally as strong and or even stronger , but never attained the chess world championship title. Thus for the next few weeks I will be discussing world champs and you decide for yourself who you think was the greatest chess player ever. Note, female players will also be part of this review. I make special mention of this as we are moving into an arena where there were equally strong female players as their male counterparts. Given the history of the world and chess…..I will delve into this historical can of worms without reservation. Till next time, burn the chess candle on both ends.

Basil Ellman

Basil is an active chess coach for more than 30 years... He is also a qualified trainer of coaches and a qualified chess arbiter. Basil has a passion for chess and has established various chess clubs in schools and communities in the Western Cape - South Africa which are still in existence and growing strong. He has served on various bodies promoting chess not only as a sport but also as a tool to excel academically. He has a Masters degree in Specialised education and is also an advocate for players with special needs.


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